Can I buy a rental property with a VA loan?

VA loan to buy investment property

Most lenders would immediately answer “No” to the question of whether you can buy a rental property with a VA loan. They would be both correct and incorrect. VA defines an investment property as one that the veteran does not occupy and a primary residence as the property you intend to occupy. That’s pretty straight […]

2014 Virginia VA Loan Limits Change

Virginia County Loan Limit Changes

Every year VA makes changes to their VA county loan limits based on median home sales in each county throughout the country. In fact, here you can see all of 2014 VA loan limit changes. In December 2013, VA made several changes to the VA county loan limits but none seemed to have as much […]

How Do VA Hybrid ARM Rates Adjust?

How Hybrid ARM Rates Adjust

An ARM, or adjustable rate mortgage, is a mortgage in which the interest rate of a loan changes after a specific period of time, as opposed to a fixed rate mortgage, or FRM, in which the rate stays the same through out the life of the loan. With a VA Hybrid ARM, similar to other […]

FHA Loan: Price Veterans Pay not choosing VA Lenders

FHA loan versus VA loan

FHA Loans are mortgages that are insured by the Federal Housing Authority (FHA). There are many advantages to FHA loans. However, there are many more disadvantages when compared to VA loans and if you are a veteran and not working with certified VA lenders, you could get stuck with a significantly inferior loan and thus […]

Veteran First Time Home Buyers look to a VA Specialist for Assistance

Veteran First Time Home Buyer -

You’re back from deployment. You’ve had some time to think about preparing to settle down, kick off your boots and get your civilian life started. Becoming a first time home owner is top on your list. For many veterans, the dream of owning a home can seem like it’s forever 2 to 3 years out […]

VA Loan for Same-sex Couples Now

VA loans for all marriage types

As of January 2014, married same sex couples may now apply for VA-backed mortgages in 17 states. VA Loan For Same Sex Marriages All men and women are created equal. Until recently, that has not always been the truth. Now according to the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriages, all men and women who […]

Exposing the Truth about VA Loan Origination Fees

VA Loan Origination Fees: Beginning with the Truth It’s said that it’s always better to tell the truth. It’s also said that some people can’t handle the truth. The truth will set you free…Truth be told. However you say it, we all deserve the truth. Here is the truth of the matter…VA LOAN ORIGINATION FEES […]

VA Loan vs FHA Loan

Many home buyers with little money down generally make the VA loan vs FHA loan comparison. It would seem to be a one sided battle if put against one another as VA loans have many more upsides than FHA. In the end, you’ll see that if you qualify for a VA loan, it would benefit […]