Veteran First Time Home Buyers look to a VA Specialist for Assistance

Veteran First Time Home Buyer -

You’re back from deployment. You’ve had some time to think about preparing to settle down, kick off your boots and get your civilian life started. Becoming a first time home owner is top on your list. For many veterans, the dream of owning a home can seem like it’s forever 2 to 3 years out […]

Help with VA Eligibility Forms

What Form Do I show the Lender I’m Eligible? The first form you need is a Certificate of Eligibility before you can get a VA guaranteed loan.  Below are some instructions for you. Among categories A, B, and C below, find the one that matches your situation. Category A: Veterans, Active Duty, and Reservists/National Guard […]


Basically, in short, veterans and current military personnel can get a zero down VA Loan over $417,000 in certain High Cost Counties around the United States….VA Jumbo Loans should really be your only choice if you are looking to put less than 20% down.